• “When Seedfund invested in us, we were three founders and six employees,
    working out of one office in Bangalore, selling approximately 30 seats a day
    in Karnataka State, India. Today, we have 750 people, working out of
    35 Red Bus offices. Each day we sell up to 30,000 seats, and we operate
    in 25 Indian states.”

    -Phanindra Sama, CEO RedBus
  • “Seedfund invested in us in 2010, when
    we had 10 schools. They advised and guided
    to ensure we focus on our school-centric strategy,
    and then they stayed out of the way to let our
    team execute. Today, in 2014, we are at 330 schools
    in 85 cities, including three outside of India, and
    our revenue has grown 30X.”

    - Saumil Majmudar, Co-founder
  • “Seedfund backed us at idea stage, when Heckyl had
    just three co-founders and a vision; no revenues and
    no projections. In Seedfund we have found a great partner,
    they understand the entrepreneur’s perspective. This
    naturally makes them a part of the organization.”

    -Mukund Mudras, Co-founder
  • “When Seedfund came on board, Done by None was a plan
    on loose paper. Today we are established as an engaging
    online fashion brand that represents expression of freedom and
    joy in the young woman's life. In shaping our brand story,
    I leverage a great deal of Seedfund’s vast experience. “

    -Amarinder Dhaliwal, Co-founder
  • “For us Seedfund are mentors and friends who are as excited
    by the Chumbak journey as we are. With Seedfund’s help, we have
    grown from 15 to over 50 people. Seedfund has a varied team and their
    collective experience has helped us take some successful strategic calls,
    including recruiting those most suited for our management roles.”

    -Vivek Prabhakar, Co-founder
We are not investing in new companies at this time.

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